Friday, 1 February 2013

Remember your mortality/Remember you will die

I am completely in love with the Romans, so a Latin blog title seems quite fitting!
"Memento Mori" apparently originated in Rome, as a reminder to a lucky rich man that he could be brought down at any moment. The ancient 'pride comes before a fall' if you will... 
I see it a little differently, and the positive side appeals to me a lot. Once death has reared it's ugly head in your life, it's hard to ignore it - I find myself considering it in pretty much everything I do. I've had quite heated chats with friends about this because it can seem so negative. For some, this knowledge may as well be the end of them. They give up. Living in death's shadow can be very dark (haha) but it's all about how you view it.
In my reality, it pushes me to try new things. Yes it hurts like hell and is an absolute bitch, and in rare but hideous moments, the full force of the situation hits me and I can't breathe. But for the most part, this realisation is more of a motivation - motivation to get out there and live while you can. I know that sounds incredibly irritating, and I am well aware that life isn't all bunnies and rainbows - it is what you make it.

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