Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Not the most eloquent of titles I grant you, but to the point. Which is exactly how I view these energy bars - the word "Trek" naturally caught my attention as I was reluctantly skimming past all of the packets of plain nuts and dried fruit. I remained dubious until I got home and tried one (the brownie option took priority unsurprisingly)... 

I'm trying to do this without gushing, but honestly it tasted just like a brownie. JUST LIKE IT! I have been getting fit for the Himalayas over the last few months and snacking was definitely the hardest part for someone as food-lazy as I am. No longer! These bars are life savers, they are delicious and really do provide good energy. It's brilliant, if a little baffling, to know that something this tasty can be so good for you. One of my five a day? How?! I am absolutely thrilled. They are also the perfect answer to my hiking lunch box woes - a decent size and not something you'll groan at the thought of eating. 

Thank you Trek!

(N.B. I should note there is also a 'mixed berry' option which is nice but not as exciting. Fickle.)